On July 1, 2016, HTMC signed a one year contract with a leading global Insurance Company based in Dubai, UAE as its first sizeable client. This engagement will see that HTMC provides its new client with project management services and assists with business support activities. HTMC is thrilled have a multinational key player in the insurance industry as its first client and is looking forward to use its extensive experience of over fifteen years in the industry to make this engagement a fruitful one.

On December 1st 2016 HTM IT Consultancy signed a new partnership agreement with Infra Capital Investments to Project Manage a confidential IT Platform implementation. This is a very exciting project as it is market changing platform for a major industry in the Middle East Region.

Signed a partnership agreement with eBizneeds Solutions from India on January 1st 2017 to be HTM IT Consultancy exclusive partners for Applications and Software Development.